Blue-naped Chlorophonia (Chlorophonia cyanea)

Blue-naped Chlorophonia, Chlorophonia cyanea, chlorophonia, finch, bird, colombia

Blue-naped Chlorophonia (Chlorophonia cyanea)

I took this photo of a Blue-naped Chlorophonia (Chlorophonia cyanea), a very pretty member of the finch family, whilst exploring the Santa Marta mountains in northern Colombia.

Swallow Tanager (Tersina viridis)

Swallow Tanager, Tersina viridis, tanager, bird, colombia

Swallow Tanager (Tersina viridis)

I took this photo of a male Swallow Tanager (Tersina viridis) in the Santa Marta mountains of northern Colombia, whilst staying at the wonderful El Dorado lodge. The female bird looks completely different-she is mostly green with barring underneath.