Thick-billed Raven, Corvus crassirostris, raven, crow, bird, ethiopia

Thick-billed Raven (Corvus crassirostris)

One more ‘crow-themed’ post for now! A few years ago I travelled around Ethiopia and one of the many amazing birds that we encountered was the Thick-billed Raven (Corvus crassirostris). This species is restricted to Ethiopia and Eritrea, though fortunately not endangered within it’s range. This raven is very distinctive, having a bold white patch on the back of it’s head and THE most massive bill! We watched a bird play inquisitively with an abandoned ‘flip-flop’ sandal for quite some time, which though interesting did not make for good photo opportunities! Eventually the bird grew tired and decided that the plastic shoe would not make a good snack, took off and few right past us, giving me the chance to get this shot.

I should mention once again that our amazing guide in Ethiopia was Merid Gabremichael, who runs Birding Abyssinia. If you ever visit Ethiopia, I cannot recommend him highly enough!

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  1. mukul chand says:

    Wonderful post with a great picture


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