Blakiston's Eagle-owl, Bubo blakistoni, Blakiston's Fish-owl. fish-owl, eagle-owl, owl, bird, japan

Blakiston’s Eagle-owl (Bubo blakistoni)

One of the highlights of my trip to Japan (and there were many!) was the chance to see and photograph the largest species of owl in the world-Blakiston’s Eagle-owl (Bubo blakistoni), also known as Blakiston’s Fish-owl. As the latter name shows, these owls go fishing for their supper! One evening in early January we visited a site on the northern island of Hokkaido where artificial ‘fishing ponds’ had been created, especially to attract the owls. We sat in our car (it was extremely cold!), overlooking the dimly flood-lit ponds and waited for the owls to come. When one did come for it’s supper, the low light levels made photography a real challenge, hence the grainy picture above.

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