Black-banded Owl, Ciccaba huhula, owl, ecuador, bird, san isidro owl

Black-banded Owl (Ciccaba huhula)

The Black-banded Owl (Ciccaba huhula) is quite a widely distributed species in South America. However, I photographed this particular individual at Cabanos San Isidro in Ecuador. It is believed by some that the Black-banded Owls found around this lodge are actually a separate species; ‘San Isidro Owl’. I guess time will tell….

Photographing owls at night is a tricky business. It takes some effort to locate the perched owl in the first place and then you have to be very careful not to shine any torchlight directly into the owl’s face, keeping disturbance to a minimum. This low light leads of course to photographic problems. In this instance I was lucky as we suddenly realised one evening on our way back to our cabins that this owl had landed in a tree right in front of us! That certainly helped to get a decent image…

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