Vilcabamba Tapaculo (Scytalopus urubambae)

Vilcabamba Tapaculo, Scytalopus urubambae, tapaculo, bird, peru

Vilcabamba Tapaculo (Scytalopus urubambae)

Tapaculos are a family of neotropical birds that can be very tricky to see and very frustrating to try and photograph! If you see something running around on the ground that at first glance reminds you of a mouse, look again as it could be a Tapaculo! They are small, usually dark grey/brown birds, often with very restricted distributions. This photo of a Vilcabamba Tapaculo (Scytalopus urubambae) was taken under the shadow of the Salkantay massif in the Andes west of Cusco, Peru. The bird was mostly hiding in dark shadows but I was fortunate that it popped out briefly onto a tree branch, allowing me to get this photo!

Creamy-crested Spinetail (Cranioleuca albicapilla)

Creamy-crested Spinetail, Cranioleuca albicapilla, ovenbird, bird, peru

Creamy-crested Spinetail (Cranioleuca albicapilla)

The Creamy-crested Spinetail (Cranioleuca albicapilla) is a member of the ovenbird family and is a Peruvian endemic. This bird was easily found (they are pretty noisy!) in the lovely garden of the Andean Spirit Lodge, which is not far from Limatambo in Peru.